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II, , fig. . 50 Bolkestein, Charakter der Deisidaimonia,  n. . the use of ΤΕΛΕΤΗ up to alexander  δι το του κα μαντικ π σα χωρε κα τ ν ερ ων τ χνη τ ν τε περ τ ς υσ ας κα τελετ ς κα τ ς πωδ ς κα τ ν μαντε αν π σαν κα γοητε αν. The whole art of divination works through it, as does the trade of the priests and others who occupy themselves with sacrifices, sacred rites (teletai), incantations, the whole art of divination, and sorcery. Here τελετα is used to indicate those religious rites, of which the sense was no longer, or only partially clear, in contrast to the υσ αι, the offerings.

22 Τελετ also means ‘offering’ in Pax , where Trygaeus explains to Hermes why the sun and the moon are bent on betraying Greece to the Persians: ΕΡ. να δ τ το το δρ τον; ΤΡ. τι ν Δ α με ς μ ν μ ν ομεν, το τοισι δ ο β ρβαροι ουσι. δι το τ’ ε κ τως βο λοιντ’ ν μ ς π ντας ξολωλ ναι να τ ς τελετ ς λ βοιεν α το τ ν ε ν. : Why would they do that? : Because we sacrifice to you, while the Persians sacrifice to them. So of course they would like you all destroyed, so that they themselves could receive the offerings of the gods.

So the term τελετ refers here to the performance of games, contests. g. Pyth. : το τον ε λον κ ν τ λεσον; cf. : τελο σι . . γ νας; γ ν; Ditt.  (Nicias, FHG IV, ): πιτελε ται . . : συντελε σ αι τ ν γ να; Diod. : γ νας συντελε ν. 6 They are religious ceremonies, the poem is certainly later than archaic and most likely dates from the Hellenistic period. J. Wackernagel, Sprachliche Untersuchungen zu Homer () , places it in the Alexandrian era, as does v. Herwerden, Mnem.  () ; Ludwich, Die Homerische Batrachomachia () , considers the beginning of the fifth century.

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