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While she didn’t dwell on their coupling, Mina asked her more questions about that than was comfortable, gazing at her with typical discomfiting shrewdness with her one visible crimson eye. The rest of her face, like most of the features of her body, was shadowed in the cowl and floating tendrils of that cloak, though Anna could see the pitted scarring that covered her cheek and jaw beneath the glittering eye. When she finished, Mina raised a brow. “He had to use Joining Magic. It was the only thing that would work,” she mimicked.

But she was certain that was more than anyone else had been permitted. Mina was just a handful of years older than she was, the only mercreature the merpeople preferred to see less than Anna. It didn’t keep them from seeking her out for her highly effective potions and spells, however. Anna had never asked her for either. Once she’d gotten old enough to go out alone and knew how Mina’s story tied to hers, she’d tracked her down. Mina had threatened to turn her into a cat and let her drown if she didn’t go away.

Html 35/180 12/2/2010 Joey W. Hill - Mermaid's Kiss here. I’m going to go deeper into my cave and throw together some ingredients that may help him. Then we’ll go evaluate his condition. If he won’t go back to the skies, perhaps you can persuade him to go to the surface, somewhere not in the vicinity of where he originally landed. ” “His own kind? ” “They’re the best source of help for him, but he hasn’t summoned them. ” Mina asked it bluntly. “Angels are mighty beings, Anna, but that doesn’t make them all good.

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