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By John R Sabin; Erkki Brändas; Per Olov Löwdin

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Ij = s ~ l n i n j 02SN ' OT~iOnj (26) E Tij;ij = (N j(i

The natural orbitals of the AGP are the same as those of the geminal, but the eigenvalues of D 1 (g:¢) are of course different. We can write DI(gN) =~Nj[xjx~q-Xj+sX~+s] j=l 2s (20) = ~_Nkxk(1)X*k(l' ) = 7(111' ) k=l with Nj = S~lnj OSN ' (21) Onj " The two-electron reduced density matrix of the AGP can be brought to an interesting form, called, "Box and Tail" with B ann s x s matrix and T a diagonal matrix of dimension 2s(s - l) achieved with a particular ordering of the natural orbitals. ij = s ~ l n i n j 02SN ' OT~iOnj (26) E Tij;ij = (N j(i

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