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By Nathaniel Hawthorne

From one in all America's maximum writers come those vintage stories of magical creatures and adventures written specially for kids. listed here are the tales of King Midas, the fellow who used to be capable of flip every thing he touched into gold; Hercules, the best and most powerful hero of all time; the Gorgons, merciless witches with snakes for hair; and lots of different outstanding warriors and evil monsters. comprises "The Gorgon's Head," "The Golden Touch," "The Paradise of Children," "The 3 Golden Apples," "The fabulous Pitchers," and "The Chimaera."

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Bulfinch's Mythology

For nearly a century and a part, Bulfinch's Mythology has been the textual content in which the nice stories of the gods and goddesses, Greek and Roman antiquity, Scandinavian, Celtic, and Oriental fables and myths, and the age of chivalry were identified. The forerunner of such interpreters as Edith Hamilton and Robert Graves, Thomas Bulfinch desired to make those tales to be had to the final reader.

Dreamless (Awakening, Book 2)

StarHearts, as enthusiasts of Josephine Angelini name themselves, will stay awake all evening studying Dreamless, the second one e-book within the bestselling Starcrossed sequence. The saga mixes mythology, romance, motion, and intrigue in a totally unique way.

Dreamless maintains the tale of Helen Hamilton, a shy woman dwelling on Nantucket Island whose wish for a typical lifestyles used to be thwarted while she found she is a Scion, a descendant of a Greek god and a mortal. each one Scion has an influence, and Helen's is the power to trip to Hades.

Helen is decided to take advantage of her expertise to forestall a battle among the gods and alter her future, that is to reside a lifestyles patterned after that of the tragic Helen of Troy. yet her quest may cost a little her Lucas Delios, the boy she loves.

Classical Mythology: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions)

From Zeus and Europa, to Diana, Pan, and Prometheus, the myths of old Greece and Rome appear to exert a undying strength over us. yet what do these myths characterize, and why are they so enduringly interesting? Why do they appear to be this kind of effective approach of conversing approximately our selves, our origins, and our wishes?

A Dictionary of Ancient Near Eastern Mythology

The Dictionary of historical close to jap Mythology covers assets from Mesopotamia, Syro-Palestine and Anatolia, from round 2800 to three hundred BC. It comprises entries on gods and goddesses, giving facts in their worship in temples, describing their 'character', as documented through the texts, and defining their roles in the physique of mythological narratives; synoptic entries on myths, giving where of foundation of major texts and a quick historical past in their transmission throughout the a long time; and entries explaining using expert terminology, for things like different types of Sumerian texts or sorts of mythological figures.

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