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When you are a webmaster, I’m yes you recognize my Adsense turnkey enterprise buddy, Joel Comm. This man is the well known writer of the recent York occasions most sensible vendor, ''The AdSense Code: What Google by no means advised You approximately getting cash with AdSense'' and the Host govt manufacturer of ''The subsequent web Millionaire'' truth show.I bet that, while he first published ''The AdSense Code: What Google by no means instructed You approximately making a living with AdSense'', he most likely by no means imagined that he might turn into referred to as the Google Adsense secrets and techniques guru.I suggest, that will understand how to make cash with Google Adsense, Joel Comm is the fellow to visit. He has no longer stopped generating prime assets and coaching fabrics that experience helped millions of individuals to generate profits with this distinctive, unfastened home-based business chance.

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The first thing people do when they reach a website is to absorb as much information as possible before they start scrolling. ” That’s where you want your ads. The number of links that appear above the fold affect how likely people are to click on your AdSense ads. That’s why more ads doesn't always mean more money! Google always puts the top-paying ads on the top and the lowest-paying ones at the bottom. Copyright © 2008 Joel Comm and InfoMedia, Inc. – All Rights Reserved 55 If you have a stack with three or more ads, the cheaper ads might steal attention away from high-paying ads and clutter up your website.

Your users will follow your content, so you need to make sure that your ads follow that content too. Look at the design and layout of your webpage, identify the places that you think most of your users look — and mark each of them as a likely spot to put your ads. Google actually offers a pretty neat tool to help you identify where your users are most likely to look. html sums up the options pretty well: Copyright © 2008 Joel Comm and InfoMedia, Inc. – All Rights Reserved 54 Fig. 1 Google’s Heat Map shows an “average” site’s hot spots.

All Rights Reserved 46 4. 1 Design Your Website To Highlight Adsense I once went to a fashion show where each model wore the exact same black outfit for the entire duration of the show. Boring? Hardly! The show was intended to showcase platinum jewelry, and the outfits were designed to enhance the jewelry — instead of distracting the audience. You don’t have to make all the pages on your website identical (or black). But you do want to make sure that the look of your page draws attention to the ads — and makes them appear as attractive and as valuable as platinum jewelry.

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