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Considering the complexity and nonlinearity of ship motion, CARIMA model is selected for ship course control system in the design of ship course proper-motion rudder. ( ) ( ) ( ) A z −1 ψ (t ) = B z −1 δ (t ) + C z −1 ξ (t ) + d (1) ( ) ( ) Where A z −1 = 1 + a1 z −1 + a 2 z −2 , B (z −1 ) = b0 + b1 z −1 ( b0 ≠ 0 ), C z −1 = 1 + c1 z −1 , ψ represents the course angle, δ represents the rudder angle, ξ(t) represents a zero-mean-value white noise with a variance of σ2 and d represents constant interference.

From it, the device can be seen that it is combined with the rotational disc, telescopic pole, and the majority column. When pole three is rotating, the distance between the two collets will change. If we adjust the direction of the collets at the same time, the device is able to hold workpieces in different sizes. 38 Advanced Design and Manufacturing Technology I When the workpieces are too far or too deep to hold, the telescopic pole will help greatly. So the device can not only hold workpieces in different sizes.

The other one is an emergency assist system which can be available when the primary system meets a failure. The control system circuit consists of MCU and peripheral chip sets, by which functions such as data sampling, arithmetic operation, I/O control and monitor are implemented[5]. 1 Schematic illustration of the main hydraulic steering gear system In the ship steering gear hydraulic system, the electro-hydraulic proportional selector value converses the electrical signal into hydraulic signal and amplifies the signal.

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