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By Markus Egger, Mac Rubel

This ebook combines OOP idea and real-world useful knowledge, all from the visible FoxPro perspective. coated are multi-tiered structure; OO layout styles; item metrics; and OO specifications, modeling, and layout, together with the UML.

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Besides the SCATTER NAME command, there are some others that create objects in a similar fashion. BROWSE NAME is one of them. Another one is DEFINE WINDOW NAME . As you can see, they all share the added NAME clause, which is an indicator that objects are created. Most of these commands are included for backward compatibility, and you should use the newer counterparts instead. Object references Object references are variables that point to objects. In Visual FoxPro you never have direct access to objects, but you can talk to them through references or pointers.

In addition, they usually act much like an object. In other words, the collection has properties and methods. 0 you can create collections that are much like the ones in VB. I'll deal with the naming part first. Suppose I have a form that has a button and a textbox. I add a collection (array) called "members" that will provide a generic way to access all the members of the form. I can either pass a numeric index to that collection, or the name of the object I want to talk to. &lvIndex. NULL. NULL.

For this reason, you can't just overwrite default behavior. However, there might be some reasons why you would like to overwrite the default FoxPro behavior. In this case, you can use the FoxPro keyword NODEFAULT. When you add code to a method, the original behavior is always executed after all the added code. This is very handy because you can use NODEFAULT at any position in a method. You can even use it within IF statements. Suppose you want the user to be able to type only the characters "Y" and "N" in a special textbox.

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