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A CD Rom containing info at the medical administration of neonatal and paediatric emergencies. There are over 900 pages of administration together with greater than 500 medical images, x rays, ECGs. it is also over a hundred and twenty movies concerning little ones experiencing emergency difficulties and receiving quite a few existence saving methods. Covers emergencies proper in either wealthy and terrible international locations. There are algorithms for the administration of emergencies all through, in addition to a formulary of emergency medicinal drugs.

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Finally, these techniques must be integrated into a prioritised system of care, planned in advance, to avoid delays and uncertainties in emergency situations. EQUIPMENT FOR MANAGING THE AIRWAY The airway equipment indicated in the box should be available in designated resuscitation areas. It is crucial that familiarity with it is gained before it is needed in an emergency situation. Necessary airway equipment Pharyngeal airways Laryngoscopes Tracheal tubes, introducers, and connectors Magill’s forceps Suction devices and catheters Cricothyroidotomy cannulae Ventilation systems Suction devices In the resuscitation room, the usual suction device is the pipeline vacuum unit.

If an infant is too large to allow the single-arm technique described above to be used, then the same manoeuvres can be performed by lying the baby across the rescuer’s lap. 14. 13. 14. 15). In the child the Heimlich manoeuvre can also be used. This can be performed with the victim either standing, sitting, kneeling, or lying. 15. 32 Back blows in a small child BASIC LIFE SUPPORT If this is to be attempted with the child standing, kneeling, or sitting, the rescuer moves behind the victim and passes his or her arms around the victim’s body.

G. for a tracheal tube size 3·0 mm the correct suction catheter is a French gauge 6. Cricothyroidotomy cannulae and ventilation systems Purpose-made cricothyroidotomy cannulae are available, usually in three sizes: 12-gauge for an adult, 14-gauge for a child, and 18-gauge for a baby. They are less liable to kinking than intravenous cannulae and have a flange for suturing or securing to the neck. In an emergency a 14-gauge intravenous cannula can be inserted through the cricothyroid membrane, and oxygen insufflated at 11/min/year of age to provide some oxygenation (but no ventilation).

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