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Grasp the strategies and instruments of the complicated continual danger hacker
In this ebook, IT safeguard professional Tyler Wrightson unearths the approach, abilities, and powerful assault vectors had to compromise any objective of selection. complex continual probability Hacking discusses the strategic matters that make all corporations weak and offers noteworthy empirical proof. Youll study a confirmed APT Hacker method for systematically concentrating on and infiltrating a company and its IT structures. a different, five-phased tactical method of APT hacking is gifted with real-world examples and hands-on innovations you should use instantly to execute very potent assaults.

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Spear-Phishing Methods Spear-Phishing Goals Technical Spear-Phishing Exploitation Tactics Building the Story Phishing Website Tactics Phishing Website: Back-End Functionality Client-Side Exploits Custom Trojan Backdoor Don’t Forget Chapter 7 Phase III: Remote Targeting Remote Presence Reconnaissance Social Spear Phishing Wireless Phases APT Wireless Tools Wireless Reconnaissance Active Wireless Attacks Client Hacking: APT Access Point Getting Clients to Connect Attacking WPA-Enterprise Clients Access Point Component Attacks Access Point Core Attack Config Access Point Logging Configuration Access Point Protocol Manipulation Access Point Fake Servers Don’t Forget Chapter 8 Spear Phishing with Hardware Trojans Phase IV Spear Phishing with Hardware Trojans Hardware Delivery Methods Hardware Trojans: The APT Gift APT Wakizashi Phone Trojaned Hardware Devices Hardware Device Trojans with Teensy Don’t Forget Chapter 9 Physical Infiltration Phase V Physical Infiltration APT Team Super Friends It’s Official – Size Matters Facility Reconnaissance Tactics Example Target Facility Types Headquarters Choosing Facility Asset Targets Physical Security Control Primer Physical Infiltration Factors Physical Security Concentric Circles Physical Social Engineering Physical Social Engineering Foundations Physical Congruence Body Language Defeating Physical Security Controls Preventative Physical Controls Detective Physical Controls Hacking Home Security Hacking Hotel Security Hacking Car Security Intermediate Asset and Lily Pad Decisions Plant Device Steal Asset Take and Return Asset Backdoor Asset Don’t Forget Chapter 10 APT Software Backdoors Software Backdoor Goals APT Backdoor: Target Data APT Backdoors: Necessary Functions Rootkit Functionality Know Thy Enemy Thy Enemies’ Actions Responding to Thy Enemy Network Stealth Configurations Deployment Scenarios American Backdoor: An APT Hacker’s Novel Backdoor Droppers Backdoor Extensibility Backdoor Command and Control Backdoor Installer Backdoor: Interactive Control Data Collection Backdoor Watchdog Backdooring Legitimate Software Don’t Forget Index Acknowledgments There are so many people I want to acknowledge and thank—whether you have helped me directly with this book or are just a good friend, I’m glad to have you all share this with me.

Whether you know it or not, this is war and it’s making us all soldiers. Some of us are peasants with pitchforks, and others are secret agents with sniper rifles and atom bombs. In the past, when a bank had to account for security, they only had to worry about physical threats and tangible people. Nowadays, American banks are being attacked by intruders from countries with unfamiliar names who utilize attacks that exist only digitally, in electricity, transistors, 1’s and 0’s. Businesses as old as dirt have to deal with twenty-first century invisible, ethereal, and complicated threats.

Technology has developed too quickly without effective consideration for security. The Economics of (In)security One of the most important and simple truths in this technological war is that you simply can’t afford to prevent a successful attack from an APT hacker. Not only is it extremely costly to even attempt—currently, it’s actually impossible to prevent a compromise from an APT hacker. The mathematics behind risk management simply breaks apart when accounting for an APT hacker. Let’s first define the basic math behind risk management.

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