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All managers have a duty to ensure that their departmental staff timesheets are compiled, checked and passed to the accounts department with maximum accuracy and minimum delay. Project timesheet data are now often collected using direct entry into project management software, but the project manager remains responsible for accuracy and the prevention of false time bookings. Some sensible practices for maintaining time sheet accuracy include the following: ensuring that everyone is aware of the job cost codes for the work they are doing managing the authorization and closure of projects to prevent people booking time to projects that are unauthorized or finished encouraging staff to enter idle or waiting time and other non-productive time without fear of reprisal - statistics compiled from such time bookings provide valuable management information, so if inefficiencies are hidden by false accounting there can be no hope of preventive action Associated Disciplines 31 checking timesheets regularly to prevent misbookings - especially important where timesheet data are the basis for billing clients in cost-reimbursable contract payment arrangements.

1 In Case 1, the company would develop the mine and its associated administration offices and then transport all the ore, as untreated lumps of rock, in rail ore wagons to Groundwealth for processing before onward transit to the port of Shippit. 2 In Case 2, the company would develop the mine and also build a modern, cost-efficient processing plant at the mine site, allowing copper bars to be produced and sent by rail direct to Shippit for export. Project Definition and Appraisal 21 DATA FOR CASE 1 Case 1 initial project development The following tasks and costs have been identified for the development project of Case 1: Develop the open cast site (which includes constructing roads, offices, other administrative and service buildings and a short railroad link) taking one year to complete at a cost of $10 million.

The basic building blocks of the organization structure The first action required when thinking about a new organization design is to sketch an organization chart (sometimes called an organigram). 1. 2. Organizations with this structure pattern have been common in industry for hundreds of years, and can be traced back for far longer in the churches and in military formations. Organigrams are sometimes considered to be an inadequate method for representing an organization but they do define the main elements (building blocks) of the organization's design.

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