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By Suk-Joong L. Kang, Rajendra Bordia, Eugene A. Olevsky, Didier Bouvard

This book presents a superb one-stop source for knowing crucial present concerns within the study and advances in sintering technology and technology.Content:

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14 E. Burzo, I. Balasz, S. Constantinescu, and IG. Deac, Grain Boundary Effects in Highly Ordered Sr 2 FeMo0 6 , J. Magnetics Materials, 316 c741-c744 (2007). " E. Burzo, 1. Balasz, M. G. /. Alloys and Compounds, 509 105-113(2011). 16 Q. H. G. Z. Y. Liu, Y. K. Liang, Crystal Structure, Magnetic and Electrical-transport Properties of Rare-earth-doped S^FeMoOo, Physica B, 381 233-238 (2006). 17 1. Arvanitidis, D. Y. Sohn, and S. Seetharaman, The Intrinsic Thermal Decomposition Kinetics of SrCOjby a Nonisothermal Technique, Metall.

A High resolution TECNA1 F20 transmission electron microscope was employed to study particle microstructure. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION The process starts when the high purity M0O3, S1C03, and Fe2U3 powders were mixed in stoichiometric amounts using an agate mortar and then ball milled for 6 h. The starting powders materials were characterized to determine different morphology and particle size distribution of the materials. For example, M0O3 powder presented laminar shape, however SrCC>3 and Fe2C>3 powders had a regular shape and smaller particle size than M0O3 (Fig la).

Soc, 68 320-325 (1985). ''W. M. Robertson, "Thermal Etching and Grain-Boundary Grooving of Silicon Ceramics', J. Am. Ceram. Soc, 64 9-13 (1981). 5 W. S. Coblenz, 'The Physics and Chemistry of the Sintering of Silicon', J. Maler. , 25 2754-2764 (1990). 52 · Advances in Sintering Science and Technology II Sintering of Silicon, Effect of the Sample Size on Silica Reduction Kinetics and Densification 6 Y. M. ltoh, "Experimental Evidence of the Vacancy-Mediated Silicon SelfDiffusion in Single-Crystalline Silicon', Phys.

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