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By Robert L. Goldstein, Richard T. Cotton

Aerobics teacher handbook: The source for team health teachers.

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Strength training causes the following adaptations to occur in the neuromuscular system: 1. Muscular hypertrophy is a general increase in the size or diameter of muscle cells. Specifically, muscular hypertrophy is the result of an increase in the muscle's content of contractile proteins. Strength training stimulates a proliferation of myosin and actin myofilaments within the myofibrils. Since strength training is largely performed by the FT fibers, these are the fibers most capable of hypertrophy.

Page 13 is developing tension as it lengthens against a resistance (rather than as it shortens against a resistance). " A typical eccentric contraction occurs when slowly lowering a weight to its initial position (after lifting it), with a slow, sustained movement with (as opposed to against) gravity. Slowly walking down stairs is an example of negative work. In typical weight-lifting movements, eccentric contractions usually follow concentric contractions. Isometric muscle contraction occurs when actual muscle shortening does not take place.

1 presents a comparison of the aerobic and anaerobic systems of ATP production. Muscles and Metabolism Muscles are composed of several kinds of fibers that differ in their ability to utilize the metabolic pathways outlined above. Fast twitch (FT) fibers are rather poorly equipped in terms of the oxygen delivery system, but have an outstanding capacity for the phosphagen system and a very high capacity for anaerobic glycolysis. Therefore, FT fibers are specialized for anaerobic metabolism. They are recruited by the nervous system predominantly for rapid, powerful movements, such as jumping, throwing and sprinting.

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