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By Stephen Belcher

Amassing quite a lot of conventional African myths, this compelling new assortment bargains stories of heroes combating powerful serpents and colossal birds, brutal kin clash and vengeance, and determined migrations throughout huge and alien lands. From bills of the artistic wiles of animal-creators and a neighborhood pressured to escape a tremendous crocodile to the heroic tale of the cripple Sunjata who rose to stumbled on an empire, the entire narratives the following main issue origins. they give a kaleidoscopic photo consultant of the wealthy cultures and societies of the African continent: the methods of lifestyles, the peoples—from small searching bands to nice empires—and the states that experience taken form over many generations and environments.
* First time in Penguin Classics
* tales span the centuries and diversity around the whole continent, from historic Egypt and Ethiopia during the Sahara to Zimbabwe
* contains person prefaces to every part, placing the tales of their geographical and social context; maps; feedback for additional studying, and an index of individuals, areas, and issues

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Rather, Callisto has been characterized, however peremptorily, as a woman who does not want to submit to anyone's power, as a woman who sought out the convent precisely to escape Jupiter's newly-acquired political power in Pelasgia and to avoid the inevitable powerlessness she would suffer as both wife and conquered. Jupiter has only emphasized the power he has over her through his rape, his physical mastery of her. Given the consistency of Jupiter's quest for control and Callisto's attempts to avoid him, we can see that Lefevre has inadvertently made rape an expression less of lust than of power.

57 Those versions which attribute Callisto's transformation to Hera reflect yet another phenomenon of patriarchal culture: a woman's desire to see that other women are victimized in the same way she herself has been. This is 24 The Callisto Myth essentially an effort to legitimize her own victimization, an effort to prove that her status is something given, natural - not something imposed or which she can prevent. We can understand Hera's jealousy in this context. Hera is a victim of her ties to Zeus: he is continually unfaithful, and she is helpless to do anything about it.

10 Yet it is paradoxical that one of the things that attracts Jupiter to Callisto is her religious attitude, her devotion to virginity, just as Zeus was attracted to Callisto in Ovid's Metamorphoses by her strength as well as her vulnerability. Disguising himself as a maiden (being a mortal he has no recourse to magical disguises), Jupiter enters Diana's cloister in order to be in Callisto's presence. Encountering her alone one day, he reveals his true identity, tries to describe how thoroughly smitten he is with her beauty, and proposes that they have a secret affair.

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