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FRIEDHOFF'S PAPER BALDESSARINI: D r . Friedhoff, I understand that y o u have n o w about 250 schizophrenic patients with about 7 0 % positive results. H o w frequently is the "methylated amine" chromatographic spot found in control urines ? FRIEDHOFF: W e have studied about 300 urines but s o m e are duplicates from the same patients so I w o u l d say we have about 150 different patients in the group, about 7 0 % positive. W e have studied about 50 normal controls without finding this c o m p o u n d in any.

A n d SIMMONS, C . (1959) Biochimica 572. KAKIMOTO, Y . and ARMSTRONG, M . D . (1962) Journal of Biological 1 1 , 272. et Biophysica Acta, 33, K U E H L , F . A . , H I C H E N S , M . O R M O N D , R. E . , MEISINGER, CIRILLO, V . J. a n d B R I N K , N . G . (1964) Nature, Chemistry, 2 3 7 , 208. M . A . P . , GALE, P . H . , 2 0 3 , 154. K U E H L , F . A . , V A N D E N H E U V E L , W . J. A . , a n d O R M O N D , R . E . (1966) t o be published. M I C H A U X , R . a n d V E R L Y , W . G .

Although many unidentified amines were observed on chromatograms, we could find no obvious difference in the pattern of amines excreted by these patients and normal subjects. It seemed important to pursue further our failure to detect bufotenin and 3,4-dimethoxyphenylethylamine, and to use as controls for schizophrenic patients other psychotics living under the same environmental conditions, whose mental disturbance was clearly due to some disease other than schizophrenia. STUDIES ON CHRONICALLY HOSPITALIZED MENTAL PATIENTS Twelve male patients were selected from a group of schizophrenics who had been hospitalized for long periods in a mental hospital.

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