Welcome to Secret Formula Meals,

Secret Formula Meals is a New Jersey Based Fitness Meal Prep Company which produces high quality, affordable, and healthy meals. Secret Formula Meals was created by Fitness Expert-Fitness Guru-Celebrity Personal Trainer and Owner Of Secret Formula Fitness JayTheBody who believes that everyone should get a chance to live a healthy long life. Weight loss is about 75-85% nutrition. One of the issues some of his clients would have is eating clean because of their busy lifestyles. Having to take extra time took cook and prepare meals for the week can be time consuming so JayTheBody felt that he should do something about this and Secret Formula Meals was born. As a part of the Secret Formula Fitness program, through proper exercise and nutrition, clients can maximize their results and reach their fitness goals.

Here at Secret Formula Meals, we prioritize clean eating. Our meals are made to order and can be customized to suit your nutritional needs. Our meals can be incorporated into your own personal fitness regimen, or we cater to those who are looking to eat better for their overall health. Either way, at Secret Formula Meals, we’ve got you covered.

JayTheBody always tells his clients that they cannot exercise their way out of a bad diet. You have to eat clean and healthy to get results.

Results Are The Only Option !!!!