What is the purchase minimum?

Our meal minimum is 6 meals per order. If you would like 7 or a specific amount of meals we don’t have listed contact us ahead of time so we can customized your package for you.


Can i order any day of the week ?

Yes, You may order any day of the week and/or before the end of the day on Friday. Friday of every week is when we take final orders and prepare them for sunday. If you do submit an order after Friday it will be prepared for the following Sunday.


Where can i pick up my meals and what time ?

Meals can be picked up every Sunday between 2-4pm from (1192 Liberty Avenue, Hillside New Jersey)


I Really like (_______). Why don’t you offer it on the menu ?

Even though our menu is extremely comprehensive we still don’t have certain things on there. If there are enough requests for a particular food item we will put it on the menu.


 I have questions, how can i get in contact with someone from Secret Formula Meals ?

If you have any questions, Concerns, or Special Request please submit you Question, Concern or Special Request on our website under the contact form. We will reply back asap.


I have allergies what should i do ?

If you have allergies, when ordering please submit all of your allergies. So we can know ahead of time, how to prepare your meals.


Are Meals Refundable?

Yes, If any errors occur on our part with the Fit Meals, we will gladly replace your meals.


Can i cancel or adjust my order ?

Cancellations or adjustments are to be made no later than 12-24 Hours hours in advance. If you order on Friday and want to cancel Saturday or adjust your order please contact us asap, and if we didn’t make your orders we can adjust it in time but if we did make your meals we will not be able to adjust or cancel your order.


What is the shelf life on the Meals ?

Meals can be stored in your refrigerator for up to 5-7 days. If you do not plan on eating all of your meals within a 7 day period you can keep them frozen until you’re ready to consume them. But we recommend only keeping them frozen for about 1 week max.


Is there a Discount if i want to order meals in bulk or for a few weeks ?

Yes, of course. Customers who wish to purchase in bulk for a few weeks worth of food delivered on a weekly basis are encouraged to email us at ( Bulk orders are discounted off of retail. The discount would depend on the amount of meals and weeks you want the service for. The bulk minimum is a commitment of 4 weeks 24-28 meals in total. There is no maximum. Bulk orders are paid in one invoice and will be ready every Sunday for the duration of the commitment.


Can i lose a lot of weight Eating Secret Formula Meals ?

Yes, but everyones body is different. Buyers must workout and have a regular scheduled workout regimen to maximize & reach their fitness goals. We only serve as a facilitator in our clients’ path to eating healthier. In dieting there are no cookie cutter solutions. Every client has a different goal and different needs.


How should i warm up or prepare my meals once i receive them?

If you are heating your meals at a refrigerated temperature, please put in microwave for approximately 2-3 minutes or at your discretion.  If your heating meals at a frozen state,  heat for approximately 5-6 minutes in the microwave. When using a oven to warm up your meals, please set your oven at 325 degrees and let your food warm up for approximately 10-15 minutes. Add additional heating time to meals if needed.


I am a Fitness Competitor, Mixed Martial Artist, and/or Professional Athlete. How can i be a part of The Secret Formula Meals Team?

If you would like to join our team all submissions should be directed to Jabir “JayTheBody” Bryan . Please contact him at ( with Headline (Join Team Secret Formula Meals).